An animated insurance commercial that uses dark humour

#AnAdvertADay #Day57

Last year, NZI, a New Zealand-based insurance company unveiled a new television commercial – its first in 8 years, titled The Devil’s Chair. In the darkly comic spot, a satanic vintage desk chair brings misfortune to a series of businesses in an otherwise picturesque port town.


Everytime someone buys the chair, it triggers a chain of progressive events that lead to a destruction of that business.



The brilliantly animated commercial was made for an insurance company that insured small businesses. With this commercial, they wanted to highlight how misfortunes are always around the corner but there’s still a way around it – the insurance way.

The commercial ends with – “Bad’s not going anywhere. Neither are we”.


The commercial is witty and boasts an ample amount of dark humour – something that isn’t very common in the insurance sector. It makes a point and brings the audience realise that they NEED the insurance. In most cases, the insurance companies are seen trying too hard to woo the customer.

Pro tip: Avoid the devil’s chair at all costs.

Watch the commercial here:

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