Royal Stag shows a perfect break-up in a hilarious new ad

#AnAdvertADay #Day77

*YouTube description excerpt below*

A perfect scene begins by getting rid of clichés, or doing away with what’s been seen and heard a million times before. It’s only when you keep perfecting, you end up with an original voice.

Royal Stag Large Short Films, India’s most unique online platform for short films, celebrates the power of authenticity. It is the ultimate destination for filmmakers to make it large by conveying their original voice through this short format. Watch our entertaining new film and #KeepPerfecting

The above ad aims at highlighting the aspects of originality and perfection. I like how they’ve kept the theme of the product in the ad to convey the message. This increases the clarity of the message and holds great appeal for the target audience. I love the use of melodramatic clichés in the ad to exaggerate the need for ‘originality’ in your craft.

It’s a great ad, simply put.

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