A hugely successful awareness campaign for Alzheimer’s Disease

#AnAdvertADay #Day80

As part of Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Campaign, National Neurological Institute conducted this media led campaign that went far beyond the expected positivity in results. So below is an excerpt from their YouTube description, explaining what the campaign was all about.

You’ll understand this picture below once you watch the video.

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 4.47.32 PM

*YouTube excerpt*

Early warning sign of Alzheimer’s is that people remember things from the past, but can’t remember things happening in the present.
We talked to Alzheimer’s patients and asked them what are the latest news/events they can remember. Using their memories we created: THE NEWS FROM THE PAST.
Where each article was based on a memory of an actual Alzheimer’s patient.

In cooperation with the leading newspapers and TV stations, on World’s Alzheimer’s day newspapers were published with front pages featuring news from the past.
Also, the news on the TV stations were substituted with news from the past.

The main message was: “These are the latest news for the people with Alzheimer’s” and people could find more information about the disease on http://www.alz.mk.


This campaign, had a 360 degree approach and included all forms of media to spread awareness. This integrated approach works very well towards building mass awareness. Leaving the theoretical part aside, the main reason this campaign deserves great appreciation is because it manages to give one a glimpse into what the future might be. It takes you right to where you’d stand if you had early signs of Alzheimer’s. What’s even better is that they managed to relevantly reach a large audience with a single campaign. That, in itself, is a stellar achievement.

At the end of the day, all they did, is put one in the shoes of a potential Alzheimer’s patient. When something is THAT personalised, it’s difficult to forget the message that comes with the campaign. The results that the campaign yielded, as seen in the video, is a testimony of the grand success in itself.

Genius of a campaign, this. 

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