How the dating app ‘Tinder’ was used to get street dogs adopted

#AnAdvertADay #Day81


A Montreal-based animal sanctuary Rosie Animal Adoption has done the least imaginable thing and used the dating app Tinder, to find homes for the city’s unwanted canine population.

Tinder’s popularity amongst their potential target audience is undeniable. Rosie Animal Adoption created Tinder profiles for its dogs available for adoption.

Here’s a crash course on how Tinder works: You need to ‘like’ someone by swiping right based on their images, description and interests. If you liked someone and that person likes you back, it’ll be a match and you are then allowed to chat.


In this case, they identified dog-lovers on Tinder and ‘liked’ their profiles after looking at their ‘interests’ section. Only those that has dogs as an interest were ‘liked’. As users got on the app, they’d come across cute profiles of dogs and puppies. Those that liked the dogs’ profiles and were matched, were able to chat with someone at the adoption centre.


This led to awareness and encouragement amongst dog lovers to adopt. Tinder’s natural swiping user interface proved a new way to connect dogs with potential future owners. By seeping into the normal purpose of the app, Rosie Animal Adoption is both, taking its services to a new audience, and generating sizeable free publicity for itself.

It’s a great new approach and a smart way of using an untapped medium on our mobile. Watch the video below:

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