Bournvita’s inspirational new ad steals all hearts, yet again

#AnAdvertADay #Day82

Cadbury Bournvita, one of India’s most trusted brands, has successfully become part of a child’s daily nutrition consumption, ensured by their mothers. This makes mothers their primary target group with the end consumer being their child. Over the years, their communication strategy has evolved in various manners but their core goal has always been to make Bournvita, a daily drink for kids.

Last year, in March, they launched one of their most successful commercials of all time, Aadatein – Tayyari Jeet ki. This commercial, with its superb story, flawless script and heart-racing visuals was goose-bump inducing. Aadatein, which literally translates into ‘habits’, is the catch in the new series. ‘Tayaari Jeet ki’ roughly translates into preparing your child for victory.

Their aim is to encourage mothers to inculcate strong habits in their kids, no matter how difficult it is. It focuses on the importance of motherhood in shaping a child’s life. A bull’s-eye, right there.

Watch the amazing commercial here:

Continuing the legacy, they took the same mother-son duo and took it a step further. From preparing your child to win, it moves towards ‘Shakti har race ke liye’, i.e. power for every race you take on, no matter how big. Here the focus lies on the ‘power’ as compared to the ‘victory’. This proposition has a wider reflection among the TG.

The commercial begins with the same mother from the previous commercial talking about how he won the last race but one needs power for every race in life. Yet again beautifully scripted, this commercial just about manages to create the same magic as last time. It definitely doesn’t surpass the previous one’s emotional invoking ability but is still quite incredible.

Watch the new commercial here:

Each time I see these ads, I’m very close to being teary-eyed. The power of motherhood has never been captured this beautifully before. It shows the strength and commitment it needs. Imagine the inspiration a mother would receive from simply watching this ad. When a brand can connect so strongly to the TG and even beyond it, it is highly creditable.

With this series, Bournvita has gone miles ahead in owning the ‘habits’ space that addresses its main aim. What more can one want for their brand? 

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