Cats steal the show yet again with this hilarious commercial

#AnAdvertADay #Day85

Temptations Treats introduced Temptation Tumblers, a cat treat that you can toss, roll and treat. The Mars Petcare brand’s new Temptations Tumblers—treats are apparently more perfectly spherical that regular old Temptations treats. This commercial focuses on the ‘play’ aspect while feeding your cat.

This new one-minute commercial is a hilariously dramatic representation of play time with cats using the product. The entire video, with its breath-taking slow-mo shots and intense dub-step music makes for a perfectly delightful watch.


The video begins with three people – one a soccer player, another, a football star and third, a tennis player –  preparing for a seemingly intense game. You soon realise that the ball for each of their moves is replaced by a perfectly spherical Temptations treat before the real starts of the ad enter.


Fluffy, adorable and stunning cats.

The ad moves on to show some amazing moves by cats that are chasing, or rather, playing ball with the treats. The entire visual depiction of play time comes together beautifully and goes on, to show that play-time is a serious sport. Keeping all of that aside there are so many cats in one video! Has to go viral, right?


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