Royal Stag shows a perfect break-up in a hilarious new ad

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*YouTube description excerpt below*

A perfect scene begins by getting rid of clichés, or doing away with what’s been seen and heard a million times before. It’s only when you keep perfecting, you end up with an original voice.

Royal Stag Large Short Films, India’s most unique online platform for short films, celebrates the power of authenticity. It is the ultimate destination for filmmakers to make it large by conveying their original voice through this short format. Watch our entertaining new film and #KeepPerfecting

The above ad aims at highlighting the aspects of originality and perfection. I like how they’ve kept the theme of the product in the ad to convey the message. This increases the clarity of the message and holds great appeal for the target audience. I love the use of melodramatic clichés in the ad to exaggerate the need for ‘originality’ in your craft.

It’s a great ad, simply put.

Dove’s Magic Mirror knows how to make women smile wide enough

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What Dove has been doing to build their ‘Real beauty’ proposition in the last decade is marvellous. They speak of beauty in terms that contradicts what most commercial beauty brands say – the campaign that has had several successful social experiments, ads, activations and other communications has added yet another aspect to ‘real beauty’ i.e. the smile.


In a recently released commercial that featured Billy Holiday’s song, ‘When you’re smiling’, Dove showed how women ought to smile when they look at themselves rather than frown or keep adjusting. It made a conscious effort to remind women that when they smile, you get a smile back and so, they should do it more often.

As an extension to this commercial, Dove installed a new booth at an awards show recently, where people would view themselves in a magic mirror which captured their smile and printed a photo only once the smile was big enough. Users were prompted ‘When did you last smile to yourself in the mirror?’ to trigger the engagement before reminding each person that beauty is the reflection of yourself in the mirror.

The installation was extremely interactive and curiosity invoking. A woman would naturally be curious to find out whether her smile is big enough for it to click a picture. The branding in the booth ensured that the experience also triggered recall for the brand.

There is no doubt that Dove’s efforts towards real beauty have been noticed and appreciated over the years. It is a stellar approach towards re-defining what ‘beauty’ really means. In the recent campaign by P&G called ‘Like a girl’, they made similar efforts. Many called the campaign too close to what Dove always says and criticised its’ lack of uniqueness. I’d agree.

All brands may move towards the same approach but Dove has been the pioneer and there’s no denying their ownership in it.

Kaun Banega Crorepati launches season 8 with a brilliant commercial

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Don’t you just love it when a simple message can cause a wave around an entire nation? This time, Kaun Banega Crorepati enters its’ 8th season with a heart-warming launch commercial. The script is based on a great insight that is specific to India and is flawlessly weaved in with the show’s format.

A message like this, when delivered by a show that’s won a million hearts and a man that has captured a billion, was sure to induce a tear or two.

And that tagline at the end – goosebumps.

Watch it here: