Audi lights up New York with their FIFA scoreboard

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Last week, Audi switched on the lights in its titanic installation on the Brooklyn waterfront. The “scoreboard”—which will display top World Cup results for the rest of the month—is actually a grid of shipping containers, nine columns of them stacked five rows high. The scoreboard stands 40 feet above the River level. A showroom-new Audi A8 sits inside each open-ended container. With the cars’ headlights turned on (plus a little bit of dramatic red backlighting), the containers form two massive “8” configurations that resemble a digital clock.

audi_scoreboard audi26k-1-web

The installation is connected via 2½ miles of cable, which connects the relay boards for each car’s LEDs to a central controller located on-site. An operator sits out there with a computer, making sure that the scores are accurate.

The board is placed in such a way that the entire East coast can see it. This is a massive investment from Audi’s side for the high buzz guerilla marketing tactic. Well, I suppose it ought to get bigger and better each year or nobody is going to turn their heads to watch you in the flood of spotlight hungry marketing.

Well done. We see how amazing your headlamps are. Yes, we do. Actually, we always did.

The Audi A8 launch campaign that redefines exclusivity and style

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A ring at your doorbell. The postman hands you a chic square package. You open it up and discover an 11 centimeter matte-finish black cube, with a silver button on the top. Curiosity peaks. You press the button. The number 90 lights up in red LEDs on the face of the cube, and you cannot help but be massively intrigued.


In a campaign that was organised with the precision of a presidential rally, Audi created the Test Drive Cube.

It turns out to be the German car manufacturer’s way of inviting selected customers to test drive their new A8. What makes this stunt really special is that the car is delivered right to your door, exactly 90 minutes from the time the button gets pressed on top of the black cube. It’s a countdown. Once the car is delivered, you could test drive it…for 24 hours.


The location of the cube is transmitted via a built-in GPS transmitter.

Audi wanted to create a unique launch idea where the car premièred at your door. The slick finish of the execution was mind-blowing. This campaign bursts with oodles of style. It’s an idea that’s worth a mighty applause.


Here’s the video explaining the campaign. it’s just as amazing if not more.