A brilliant series of print ads by Global Security Resources

#AnAdvertADay #Day79

Global Security Resouces, a multi-discipline security consulting firm, based in the USA, came up with this series of 3 print ads to promote their ‘mistake proof’ service.

To come about to that conclusion in the viewer’s mind, it challenges one’s mind and highlights the slip-ups that one might have while trying to recognise various threats in daily life. Quite often, we form quick perspectives by appearances and the obvious stereotypes in our minds. This series goes beyond it to prove that all is not as it seems and that threat can and will come in any form.


The series uses the ‘repetitive design‘ technique wherein one’s mind can easily be fooled to skip a particular odd element. Plus, by adding one obvious ‘odd’ element, the probability of one finding the ‘actual’ odd element reduces to a great extent. Throw in the obvious stereotyping and you have an ad that’s mighty insightful.

I love the layout, the idea and the technique in which the message is delivered. The series works on a need-gap strategy where-in it makes you realise that you have a need for something and the brand fills the gap in by placing their product as the solution.

This strategy is almost full proof and works every time.


What do you think of it?