The epic BMW ‘DriftMob’ has revolutionised the flash mob

#AnAdvertADay #Day70

BMW is known to be the car that is made for a stellar driver. It’s a car that dares you to push it to the limit and beyond. After the breath-taking, CGI enhanced, ‘Ultimate Racetrack’ ad that BMW released a short while back, they’re here to pump the octane levels again but this time, with some real stunts.


Five cherry red M235i coupes spin around each other in a tightly choreographed high-speed sequence on a closed traffic rotary. Titled “The Epic Driftmob,” it takes great pains to emulate a human flash mob. It’s five cars that surprise spectators that are outside the cordoned off area with some great drift-choreography that re-defined perfect co-ordination.


The smoking tires, the revving engines and the effortless drifting, all go a long way to make the car look uber-cool. It’s made with great care to make the car’s desirability factor jump up a notch which has almost always been the point of most BMW commercials.

You can watch the jaw-dropping video here:

Here is the making of the ad which is a delightful watch too:

The World’s Best Car Commercial Ever Made – By Lexus

#AnAdvertADay #Day53

Some commercials just make you want to keep hitting the re-play button all day long. This makes you want to keep hitting that re-play button all week. I do not exaggerate when I say that this might be the best car commercial ever made, in the whole world.

An A-list director, top hollywood costume designers and a stellar tech team put several hours of effort in making this spectacular ad. It is absolute perfection.

The commercial uses ‘Strobe’ lighting technology to depict motion for the 3rd installment in Lexus’ ‘Amazing in motion’ campaign. I can go on and on about the commercial but this is one that ought to be watched. After all, it is a visual phenomenon if nothing else.

Watch the commercial here:

This is the making of the ad –


P.S. I know I’ve used two superlative degrees in the headline but this one deserves a bit of a grammar slip just to make the point.

The Toyota Prius has feelings

#AnAdvertADay #Day33

Vivid Sydney is a unique annual event of light, music and ideas. Toyota and Soap Creative brought an interesting twist to the festival with an interactive installation that explores the relationship people can have with cars.


The installation transforms three Toyota Prius cars into sentient beings which respond emotionally to human interaction. Developed as an internal innovation R&D project at Soap, each car has its own personality and connects with people through internal projection mapping, lighting, sound and animation.

This #CarsThatFeel campaign manages to capture hearts by the simplicity of the graphics along with the oodles of cuteness. It’a animated look seems very inspired by the cars from the animated movie of the same name. The idea is simple and the execution definitely does justice to it.

Here’s the video –