The campaign where the homeless became typographers

#AnAdvertADay #Day44
Each one of us has a unique handwriting. The homeless, along with their cardboards of plea often go unnoticed and many a times, ignored. But the beauty of their writing is seldom captured on the worn out piece of a second-hand cardboard. It takes an artist to see the beauty on even the oddest of canvases. This campaign, saw the beauty, embraced it and gave it a new canvas.
Homeless Fonts is a joint venture between the Arrels Foundation, which works with nearly half of Barcelona’s homeless population, and advertising agency The Cyranos McCann. The handwriting of some of the street sleepers in Barcelona is now being put to a wider use than helping its individual authors survive: scanned and converted into downloadable fonts. It is being sold online to raise funds for a foundation that supports homeless people in their effort to leave the street behind.

The campaign hopes that individuals and companies will buy the fonts and use them to communicate on social media or as part of their corporate identity on stationery and packaging. Five fonts, created by Guillermo, Francisco, Loraine, Luis Serra and Gemma, are currently available and can be downloaded for a fee of €19 euros for individuals and €290 for companies.

All money raised from the project, which is now expanding to include the work of another five homeless people, will go to the Arrels Foundation.

The ad film is quite moving and very honest. An idea like this doesn’t take much but it sure gives back a lot. It’s a simple one but definitely not your usual one. This one is as unique as it gets.

#Day2 – Have the homeless become invisible?


New York Rescue Mission’s new campaign works on the insight that we always look at the homeless, but never really see them. It shows how we completely ignore the homeless, as if they were invisible. In this experiment, they put people dressed as the homeless on the streets of New York and their unsuspecting relatives pass by, without noticing.

This campaign works extremely well because it brings the subconscious to complete consciousness. There’s a simple message, one that we all know of, but this time, it’s been delivered in a hard hitting manner. The video hasn’t been rushed and the emotions are captured very well. They have played it smart by having an array of stories, ensuring that everybody relates to atleast one of them.

Take a look –