What you’re about to see is perhaps Nescafe’s best ad, ever made

#AnAdvertADay #Day86

We’re in a phase in advertising where the medium is not only influential, but also highly inspirational. People want to be moved by what they see. They want brands to tell stories and not just convey jargon filled, superficially packaged product features with mindless portrayal of the same. Some examples of inspirational ads with a great story-build, would be the bournvita ad, KBC’s ‘loudspeaker‘ commercial, PepsiCo’s ‘Back to school’ ad and Under Armour’s amazing Misty Copeland commercial, among others.

Such ads, naturally, get talked about more and shared more.

Jumping on the bandwagon, is Nescafe, whose strategy so far was focused on highlighting moments that seamlessly relate to coffee. With this commercial, they’ve put in a lot of thought to create magic around their brand and enhance the connect with audiences.


This moving commercial features an odd story of a stand-up comedian who stammers. It begins with him performing in front of a crowd while telling the story of how his stammer had earlier affected his choice of career. He tells it with subtle humour weaved in, with prominent self-criticism. This is what hooks you onto the story. At no point does he indulge in self-pity even though there are slight glimpses of it. The treatment of this story is where the real appeal lies.

The story proceeds to show how he decided to turn things around and use the stammering as a strength instead of being pulled down by it. Perfectly timed, the product is first shown at just about this exact moment. Association to victory – simply perfect. As the story proceeds with a subtle background score of a piano, you can’t help but place yourself in his shoes and fall in love with his beautiful story.

With a generous amount of adorably funny moments, he goes on to thank coffee (doesn’t name the brand) for giving him the strength to go on. This is quickly followed by humour to dampen any forced product placement. Quoting him, ‘Thank God for coffee. It kept me going and kept you awake’. Perfect again, isn’t it?

After this, the video charges forward to a victorious tone where he enthusiastically breaks into ‘Let’s get started’. With this, Nescafe flawlessly leads us to their tagline ‘It all starts with a Nescafe’.

All I want to do is meet the script-writer and give him a pat on his back for this beautiful piece of monologue. I don’t think I’ve seen such a seamless brand tie-in before, where the brand takes the limelight without compromising the story.

All in all, one might easily be moved to tears with this.

Watch the video here:

Mahindra’s new million dollar campaign for innovation

#AnAdvertADay #Day59

The Mahindra Group has been propelling into the space of encouraging innovation since 2011 when it launched the ‘Spark the Rise’ campaign. This year, they went a step further and launched ‘Rise Prize – World class from India’, a nationwide innovation challenge with a million dollars to be won for the best idea. 

For this campaign, Mahindra has recognised two areas, core to the Indian needs, in which it is looking for disruptive and next-gen innovations – Mobility(transport) and Solar energy.

In order to promote this campaign, they launched an excellent digital film with a voice-over by the renowned Ninad Kamat. The script for the same is extremely well crafted, with visuals that beautifully depict the words being spoken. The ad begins with a couple of reflective lines where the voice over talks about how the world is made up of numerous ideas and how ideas can be sparked everywhere and anywhere. It then moves onto asking, changing the tone to that of an innocent curiosity, if the next big idea can come from right here – India.

The ad makes for a great shout out to entrepreneurs and innovators with the lines, “If you have a million dollar idea, we have a million dollars for you’. Mahindra has called it ‘India’s Biggest Innovation Challenge’. 

The idea with this campaign is not only to generate innovative ideas but also to build an eco-system that is strongly driven by innovation. Mahindra is carefully and pro-actively moving towards being the brand that represents innovation in the country. It’s a great move for any brand and especially Mahindra, one that is truly Indian.

‘Rise Prize’ is built in such a way that it doesn’t seem like a campaign for Mahindra’s brand proposition ‘Spark the Rise’. Instead it’s made to look like a campaign that is built for country-wide encouragement of innovation. Now that, is where the genius of the campaign lies.

No matter who takes the million dollars home, the real winner here is Mahindra. 

Kaun Banega Crorepati launches season 8 with a brilliant commercial

#AnAdvertADay #Day56

Don’t you just love it when a simple message can cause a wave around an entire nation? This time, Kaun Banega Crorepati enters its’ 8th season with a heart-warming launch commercial. The script is based on a great insight that is specific to India and is flawlessly weaved in with the show’s format.

A message like this, when delivered by a show that’s won a million hearts and a man that has captured a billion, was sure to induce a tear or two.

And that tagline at the end – goosebumps.

Watch it here:

The commercial that’s going to win all the awards

#AnAdvertADay #Day39

Well, when the ad maestro Piyush Pandey himself casts a magical spell on a campaign, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the entire nation was moved.

This one’s a commercial that’s bound to sweep all the awards. It’s so insightful that it’s almost scary. Scary in the sense that the makers of the ad seem to directly speak to you than to a general audience.

The casting is flawless and the script, exemplary. This four minute video builds up like a story that doesn’t reveal the product right until the end. When you see it, you know that there couldn’t have been a simpler connect.

Watch. Weep. Repeat.