Mahindra’s new million dollar campaign for innovation

#AnAdvertADay #Day59

The Mahindra Group has been propelling into the space of encouraging innovation since 2011 when it launched the ‘Spark the Rise’ campaign. This year, they went a step further and launched ‘Rise Prize – World class from India’, a nationwide innovation challenge with a million dollars to be won for the best idea. 

For this campaign, Mahindra has recognised two areas, core to the Indian needs, in which it is looking for disruptive and next-gen innovations – Mobility(transport) and Solar energy.

In order to promote this campaign, they launched an excellent digital film with a voice-over by the renowned Ninad Kamat. The script for the same is extremely well crafted, with visuals that beautifully depict the words being spoken. The ad begins with a couple of reflective lines where the voice over talks about how the world is made up of numerous ideas and how ideas can be sparked everywhere and anywhere. It then moves onto asking, changing the tone to that of an innocent curiosity, if the next big idea can come from right here – India.

The ad makes for a great shout out to entrepreneurs and innovators with the lines, “If you have a million dollar idea, we have a million dollars for you’. Mahindra has called it ‘India’s Biggest Innovation Challenge’. 

The idea with this campaign is not only to generate innovative ideas but also to build an eco-system that is strongly driven by innovation. Mahindra is carefully and pro-actively moving towards being the brand that represents innovation in the country. It’s a great move for any brand and especially Mahindra, one that is truly Indian.

‘Rise Prize’ is built in such a way that it doesn’t seem like a campaign for Mahindra’s brand proposition ‘Spark the Rise’. Instead it’s made to look like a campaign that is built for country-wide encouragement of innovation. Now that, is where the genius of the campaign lies.

No matter who takes the million dollars home, the real winner here is Mahindra. 

#Day18 – Playable Posters


You’d think there’s only so much one can do with a poster. But yet again, technology has taken poster design to a whole new level. Here’s what is happening in the poster innovation universe –

In sync with New Zealand’s Music Month, Beck’s beer introduced the world’s first ‘stand alone’ outdoor playable poster!


Beck’s wanted to ramp up their involvement with local music by commissioning emerging artists to create one-off tracks and showcasing them on an interactive music-street poster.

The posters were displayed in cities around New Zealand, allowing the public to directly interact with them and play the tracks of emerging artists.

Using capacitive touch technology, the interactive touch points on the posters  allow their audience not only to choose and listen to tracks, but to create their own sound effects in time to the music with a selection of inbuilt touch points.

Don’t we all just love a bit of innovation mixed with absolute fun? I have a feeling that this one is going to become a world phenomenon very soon.

Here’s a video of the poster on the streets –

You can watch the case study video here. Do drop in comments below and tell me which brand you think this technology would work for in your country.


#Day4 – A Trip Out To Sea


Guy Cotten, a French company that sells marine clothing and safety equipment, has released an interactive website that begins with a story of two guys out on a trip to the sea in their Yacht. The entire experience can be viewed from the perspective of one of the two guys. You see what he sees and you experience what he does. In an unfortunate turn of events, one of the characters falls overboard into the sea. That’s when things are moved into your control. You have to keep scrolling upwards to keep him from drowning.


It gets tiring. VERY tiring. Your fingers will sense fatigue sooner than you think. It plays out on the screen with you going deeper into the sea, eventually ending up with the protagonist drowning. The screen displays a timestamp , telling you how long you lasted before drowning.

What were they trying to say? – In sea, you tire faster than you think. Always wear a life-jacket, subtlety asking you to buy one from their website.

They made a point and how! They’ve used the infamous fear tactic to make an immensely relevant sell. You’ll begin to believe that if you’re in the sea without a life-jacket, you’ll end up drowning. They grilled it in our heads that there’s a problem. A problem to which a solution is crucial. Their solution. That’s why this works.

Here’s a teaser video they released before launching the final site.

The dramatic video sequence of the man drowning, flashes of his family right before he drowns and his cry for help; it all makes for a very realistic experience. You find yourself seamlessly merging into the protagonists perspective and feeling everything that he feels.

Take a look at it here and do post your comments below. I love knowing what people think of these ads.