KBC’s amazing new launch ad is the best one yet

#AnAdvertADay #Day71

An excerpt from the ad description on YouTube:

KBC is back. Promises to bring more than just the family together this season! The nations most eagerly awaited television show goes ‘inclusive’ in this years’ edition. For years, the show and its superstar celebrity host have brought together people from diverse regions, cultures, languages and aspirations for its viewers to watch and appreciate. All the while bringing families together in front of the television. KBC has challenged, inspired and helped thousands of Indians to earn knowledge, money and fame.

In the most engaging and entertaining fashion. If that’s the legacy of the show, its publicity promos break new ground every year and work their own charm with the masses. Engaging them with thought-provoking messages crafted and presented with endearing simplicity.

This new ad by KBC, successfully captures the ripple of excitement that the show creates in the entire nation due to its unmatachble popularity. The ad works towards building the same spirit in the viewer’s mind, leaving one wanting for the show’s launch.

The first ad in the series ‘Kohima’ was a complete tear jerker that tackled the issue of the social isolation of the North East from India. The others to follow worked on similar strategies where the show helped tackle everyday issues in the country by bringing people together.


But this one, has to be my absolute favourite. It encapsulates the simple joy of speaking with Amitabh Bachchan. It also captures the classic request by most contestants, asking him to act out one of his iconic dialogues. The spirit of unity and ‘bringing together’ is very Indianised and close to real life scenarios.

Kudos, once again.

Kaun Banega Crorepati launches season 8 with a brilliant commercial

#AnAdvertADay #Day56

Don’t you just love it when a simple message can cause a wave around an entire nation? This time, Kaun Banega Crorepati enters its’ 8th season with a heart-warming launch commercial. The script is based on a great insight that is specific to India and is flawlessly weaved in with the show’s format.

A message like this, when delivered by a show that’s won a million hearts and a man that has captured a billion, was sure to induce a tear or two.

And that tagline at the end – goosebumps.

Watch it here: