#Day11 – Coca Cola ‘Fair play’


Coca – cola has been known for a diverse range of successful campaigns worldwide, always with a strong tie-up to it’s proposition. Currently, it’s about dwelling in happiness and sharing it with others.

Playing on an inter-national tactical opportunity i.e. the football fever, Coca-cola installed two vending machines on two sides of a football stadium during a match. Both the vending machines were connected to each other. A display screen seeded live footage from a camera on the other machine. If you pressed a button on the machine in front of you, the other machine would dispense a coke for a fan of the competing team.

Such a brilliant idea to bring out a spirit of unity between the fans of the two team via their product. Well, Coca-cola campaigns have never been known to disappoint, have they?

Here’s a tag-line I’d use for this – ‘Divided by teams, united by the game.’

Sounds familiar? It is.

Watch the Coca-Cola campaign here.