#Day1 – Nike ‘Winner Stays’


The new Nike ‘Winner stays’ commercial has arrived just in time to own the FIFA 2014 fever with a star-studded, 4-minute long video.

There’s also Ronaldo.

They didn’t just go big this time with a football star in every frame of the video, they went all Hulk on it.

And then, there’s Ronaldo.

The up-beat background score along with the racy shots of some great ball-play, will have anybody tapping their toes.

And then, there’s Ronaldo.

The commercial works very well with the different depictions of the signature styles of the featured footballers which many fans would instantly recognise. It seamlessly connects to every football fan out there with the roaring in the stadium and the smart-mouthing between shots amongst the footballers.

And then, there’s Ronaldo.

It captures the essence of the game, the excitement of the play and the glamour of the fraternity. And did I mention? There’s Ronaldo! Maybe I did.

Watch the commercial here and do drop your comments on what you think.