The Dove Commercial that made everybody shed a tear

#AnAdvertADay #Day 35

As Father’s day approaches, Dove released it’s new commercial for a stellar and insightful campaign called ‘Calls for dad’ and #RealDadMoments. Like most other Dove campaign for women, Dove Men care has gone the way of breaking stereotypes. This campaign derives it’s insight from an elaborate market research.


Global market research group Edelman Berland conducted interviews with 1,000 fathers, aged 25-54 to find out more about the group. One of the findings was that around 75% of men felt they were responsible for a child’s emotional well-being, but only 20% actually saw that portrayed in the media. When the interviewees were asked to choose the attributes that best described dads in the media, the majority said dads were shown as ‘disconnected, bumbling and incompetent’.


In the commercial you’ll see various shots of daughters and sons that call their fathers amidst a moment of trepidation, doubt, confusion, worry or pure want of emotional warmth.  The ‘pappa, daddy, dad’ that these sons or daughters shout out are during moments that we all can relate to. A kid that cannot get his T-shirt off, another whose hair needs brushing, one where the kid is learning how to swim and so on. These moments are very close to reality and will prove to be a tear jerker.

Watch the video here –

Dove is running a parallel digital campaign asking people to share their #RealDadMoments with them. I absolutely love the ‘real’ feel of the commercial with shots that seem to have been taken by handycams and average digital cameras.

It’s a heart-warming commercial that show how dads are truly capable of selfless love for their kids. We hear you, Dove.

#Day27 – The Oreo cookie snack hack web series. Go beyond ‘Twist, lick, dunk’.


A few months back, a picture of a man eating an Oreo in an unconventional manner, went viral. He decided to skip the ‘Twist, lick, dunk’ and went ahead to eat it with a fork. Inspired by this idea, Oreo began a popular campaign called #OreoSnackHacks that showed different ways to eat an Oreo along with suggestive recipes.


Mixing up the Oreo experience—and eating food in general—was already a popular trend online, so it decided to jump on it. Soon after, the company was encouraging fans to post their own twists on the Oreo eating experience and label their inventions with the hashtag #OreoSnackHack. New ideas popped up, including putting the cookie in a pepper grinder to create sprinkles among others. (pictures below)






Recently, the company took this campaign to the next level. To honor all those remixing its food in innovative ways, Oreo launched A Web Series showcasing top chefs Roy Choi, Michael Voltaggio and Nguyen Tran hacking the sweet treat into popular food entrées.

Fans will see Choi making chicken tenders with golden Oreos, Voltaggio concocting alcoholic Oreo Shandys (not as gross as it sounds!), and Tran creating an Oreo bread pudding dish sans an oven. All the treats only involve a few steps so the average person can watch the video, head to the kitchen and try it.

This is an all exclusive social media campaign. This campaign in particular, makes the cookie the star of the series and focuses on how it isn’t just a simple product by showcasing all of it’s possible applications. It’s fun, like the brand and it works perfectly towards the brand’s objective of trying and making it the world’s favourite/most popular cookie.

Do drop comments on what you think of this series.

You can watch the teaser of the web-series here –

#Day20 – PornHub’s Crowdsourced Campaign for Family Friendly ads



Back in March, one of the world’s most popular pornography site, PornHub, set off a campaign wherein they asked viewers to submit their best ideas for clever, safe-for-work advertising to run on television, in magazines, and on the Web. The winner will be awarded a one-year contract to be the site’s first creative director.

Due to it’s explicit nature of product, the site has never been allowed to advertise in mass, commercial media spaces. This campaign is the answer to that problem. If you see the print ads, it’s a barrage of innuendos and clever subliminal messaging.

In any case, it is most likely that PornHub won’t be allowed to advertise on television due to the product no matter how subtle, the messaging is. Nonetheless, this garnered great publicity for the pornography site.

The 15 finalists were recently announced. You can even vote for your favourite entry on

The one with the highest votes will ultimately become the winner. See the entries below :

pornhub-finalists-01-2014 pornhub-finalists-02-2014 pornhub-finalists-03-2014 pornhub-finalists-04-2014 pornhub-finalists-05-2014 pornhub-finalists-06-2014 pornhub-finalists-07-2014 pornhub-finalists-08-2014 pornhub-finalists-09-2014 pornhub-finalists-11-2014 pornhub-finalists-12-2014 pornhub-finalists-13-2014


One entry is a series of print ads –

pornhub-ads-2 pornhub-finalists-10-2014 pornhub-ads-3


There are two video entries as well –

Do write in the comments as to which one is your favourite amongst the fifteen finalists.

#Day16 – Mad Men for Emmy


AMC’s hit television show ‘Mad Men’ based on the advertising world in the 1960’s, is in its’ final season. The show has had a stellar record when it comes to winning awards up until the last two years. They now want to end it with a big bang.

In what seems to be the best ad campaign by AMC for the Emmy awards, they came up with a series of vintage looking ads that stars the characters from the show. These ads sell fictional products that perfectly fits the personality of the character on the show.

The show has never won an award at the Emmy for acting. This time, they are promoting all of their main characters, asking people to vote for them with the tagline ‘For Your Consideration’.

These ads are targeted at Emmy voters way ahead of the nomination list revelation in July.

Here are the 8 ads. Excellent copy and very true to the 60’s advertising theme which is the heart of the show.


Peggy in an ad for face powder


Megan in an ad for shoes


Joan in ad for Red hair colour


Don in an ad for Sunglasses


Betty in an ad for jewellery


Roger in an ad for Madison Collection clothing


Sally in an ad for Statuette Teen clothing


Pete in an ad for Pomade

Which of these is your favourite? Write down in comment.

#Day15 – 3D interactive installation


SNCF French Railways, put up four life-size, 3-D interactive Outdoor installations that are meant to encourage the public to travel to places and get experiences that they are passionate about.

One is a giant mouth that plays Opera music, second is a life-size Marilyn Monroe flying skirt installation, third is a Rugby player taking a shower and the fourth one is a hairy-chested man that wears a medallion, which when pressed converts the surroundings into a disco setting. These installations are to inspire passers-by to travel to the Opera, a theater, a Rugby match and a discotheque respectively.




hairy chest


The installation is very attention grabbing and gives has a fascinating way of giving you a glimpse of what the experience has in store for you. The level of creativity used in the installation itself is absolutely amazing. It’ll make most people want to take the next train ride to the venue.

Here is a video of passers-by reacting to the interactive installations. Which of the four is your favourite?


#Day6 – Social Love Songs


Wendy’s is a U.S. based fast food company that had launched their new Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger last year. For the launch, they came up with an ingenious digital campaign that ended up being their most successful launch ever.

They asked users to write about Wendy’s new Cheeseburger on Twitter and Facebook using #PretzelLoveSongs. Their tweets and comments were then converted into lyrics for real music videos that were uploaded in record time.


This campaign, in all it’s ridiculousness, is simply amazing. Their use of social media is very effective and engaging. The execution of this idea is spot on too. It’s cheesy, this campaign, and one cannot deny it’s entertainment quotient either.

But here’s the cherry on the top. You know how they say that advertising cannot directly link to market revenue? Well, this campaign led to an immediate hike in their stocks by 31%.

Here is a video of the case study for this campaign and it’s impact.

Take a look at one of the music videos that they made and let me know in comments as to why you think this campaign worked.

#Day3 – The Legendary Posters


Heineken’s new ‘Legendary Posters’ campaign was released on April 3rd, 2014. For this campaign, Heineken partnered with 40 legendary individuals from the world of Art, Sports and Entertainment in order to create unique versions of a poster that has one white sheet with a Heineken pint.

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 4.32.58 PM

They created 40 different videos showing how each poster was created by a legend and in a very legendary manner, making the final posters, ultra-special. The 40 stories captured are full of adventure, madness, creativity and bravado. Despite the presence of legends in the videos, that give the poster it’s final outcome in quirky ways, the star of the video is still the poster. To amplify the poster’s legendary attribute, they even named each one of them. For example, ‘ The one that conquered Kilimanjaro. Almost.’ Another one is, ‘The one that wheeled on the ice of Lake Koshkonong.’

These posters were then put for auction. The proceeds will be going to an organization called ‘Reporters Without Borders’ which works towards freedom of expression across borders. This fits perfectly into Heneken’s ‘Open your world’ proposition. PERFECTLY.

Here are some of the final ‘Legendary Posters’ –

The one that conquered Kilimanjaro. Almost.

The one that conquered Kilimanjaro. Almost.

The one that was painted with liquid lights by Dan Kitchener

The one that was painted with liquid lights by Dan Kitchener

The one that went to the movies Iceland style.

The one that went to the movies Iceland style.

The one that made one giant leap for poster-kind.

The one that made one giant leap for poster-kind.

The sheer scale of this campaign is worth a salute. This is also the first time that the beer brand has partnered with a non-profit. Story-telling is one of the best ways to pass a message and Heineken went international and diverse with this one.

Here is a sample story of one of the ‘Legendary Posters’ – ‘The one that owned the walls of Amsterdam’

For all the 40 posters and their stories visit here and don’t forget to comment below.

#Day2 – Have the homeless become invisible?


New York Rescue Mission’s new campaign works on the insight that we always look at the homeless, but never really see them. It shows how we completely ignore the homeless, as if they were invisible. In this experiment, they put people dressed as the homeless on the streets of New York and their unsuspecting relatives pass by, without noticing.

This campaign works extremely well because it brings the subconscious to complete consciousness. There’s a simple message, one that we all know of, but this time, it’s been delivered in a hard hitting manner. The video hasn’t been rushed and the emotions are captured very well. They have played it smart by having an array of stories, ensuring that everybody relates to atleast one of them.

Take a look –


#Day1 – Nike ‘Winner Stays’


The new Nike ‘Winner stays’ commercial has arrived just in time to own the FIFA 2014 fever with a star-studded, 4-minute long video.

There’s also Ronaldo.

They didn’t just go big this time with a football star in every frame of the video, they went all Hulk on it.

And then, there’s Ronaldo.

The up-beat background score along with the racy shots of some great ball-play, will have anybody tapping their toes.

And then, there’s Ronaldo.

The commercial works very well with the different depictions of the signature styles of the featured footballers which many fans would instantly recognise. It seamlessly connects to every football fan out there with the roaring in the stadium and the smart-mouthing between shots amongst the footballers.

And then, there’s Ronaldo.

It captures the essence of the game, the excitement of the play and the glamour of the fraternity. And did I mention? There’s Ronaldo! Maybe I did.

Watch the commercial here and do drop your comments on what you think.