#Day17 – Secret tracking bracelet


Nivea created a magazine ad in Brazil, which had a bracelet with location tracking technology that you can tear out to put on a child. By putting in the bracelet’s code to your smartphone and downloading an app, you can then track your child at the beach to make sure he or she doesn’t run off beyond a set radius. Here’s how it works:


Step 1

Step 1

Step 2

Step 2

Step 3

Step 3

For a tropical place like Brazil, a day out to the beach is very common. Parents are always worried about their kids wandering off at beaches and hence they cannot enjoy the beach themselves. Nivea Sun kids protection launched this campaign to amplify their over-arching proposition of the brand i.e. ‘protection’.

The placement of the product and its’ association with a problem that is quite prevalent in the country is flawless. It works for the brand, the product as well as their personality. Quite the bull’s eye hit.

You can watch the case study video here. It’s quite well made. Do watch.

#Day10 – Speaking exchange

#AnAdvertADay  ( Today’s campaign suggested by Srishti Jayin)

This one has made quite a few rounds on the internet within a very short period. And deservingly so. A Brazilian chain of language schools began a language learning program with such a brilliantly woven PR angle into it that this program is now it’s prime marketing campaign.

It couldn’t get more obvious as to why this campaign works so well. There’s emotion. Oodles of emotion. They’ve coyly used the word ‘lonely, old people’ instead of just ‘old people’ in all their communications. Traditionally, knowledge was always passed on from the old onto the young. This program tweaked that with a bit of technology mix and made it their own.

It works. It ties in two nations, Brazil and America for the exchange of knowledge. This campaign brings back the notion that teachers are here to simply impart knowledge and that is what fulfils them the most.

Smart. Simple. Sweet.

Watch it here –